Application period for CERN openlab summer-student programme 2020 ends soon

You are a student and you don't have any plans for this summer yet? How about spending your time at CERN in Geneva, working with bright minds from all over the world?

By joining the programme, you will work on ambitious IT projects using some of the latest hardware and software technologies, and see how advanced IT solutions are used in high-energy physics and beyond. In addition, you will have the opportunity to attend a series of lectures developed for the CERN openlab summer-students, given by IT experts on CERN-related topics. The programme also includes visits to the CERN facilities and experiments, as well as other research laboratories and companies.

But that's not all: the programme gives you the opportunity to work in an international environment, to meet cool people from all around the globe, to explore the beautiful region around Lac Leman and the Alps, and hence to gain a lasting experience that will enrich not only your professional, but also your personal life. 

More details on the CERN openlab summer-student programme are available here.

Apply now.

The deadline for submitting applications is 31 January, 2020 (12pm CET).