CERN openlab CTO gives keynote talk at ISC High Performance conference

Maria Girone, the CERN openlab CTO, is today giving the keynote talk at the ISC High Performance conference in Frankfurt, Germany. Girone’s talk focuses on the ICT challenges posed by future upgrades to CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC). By 2026, the total computing capacity required by the LHC experiments is expected to be 50 to 100 times greater than today, with storage needs expected to be in the order of exabytes.

Girone’s talk provides an overview of the approaches under consideration for addressing these diverse challenges, including the deployment of resources through commercial clouds and exploring new techniques, such as alternative computing architectures, advanced data analytics, and deep learning.

Girone’s presentation, entitled ‘Tackling tomorrow’s computing challenges today at CERN’, can be viewed here The abstract for her talk is available on the ISC High Performance event page.

“It is a privilege to be giving the opening keynote talk at this important event,’ says Girone. “I am sure that those watching the presentation will agree that CERN’s ambitious upgrade programme for the LHC poses a diverse range of ICT challenges. We need to find smart, innovative ways to tackle these challenges; collaboration with industry leaders — through CERN openlab — has an important role to play.”

For more background information, please take a look at this interview with Girone on the TOP500 website and this opinion article in The Science Node.

Finally, more details on the ICT challenges posed by the ambitious LHC upgrade programme can be found in CERN openlab’s latest white paper.