CERN openlab summer students arrive at CERN

Today, the first group of students participating in the 2018 CERN openlab summer-student programme arrived at CERN. In total, 41 students were selected from over 1800 applicants to the programme. The remaining students will arrive over the next two weeks.

The students will spend nine weeks at CERN working on a range of exciting projects. They will also attend fascinating lectures, take part in organised visits to other research institutions and companies, and gain hands-on experience with the latest ICT hardware and software.

The lecture series for the summer students includes talks from leading experts in a range of fields related to ICT and high-energy physics. The lectures, which are listed in our events calendar, can be followed online via webcast.

CERN openlab has been running its summer student programme for 16 years, with 371 students coming to the laboratory as part of the programme. More information about the CERN openlab Summer Student Programme is available here