Students selected for 2019 CERN openlab Summer Student Programme

We would like to thank each of the 1660 students who applied to the CERN openlab summer-student programme. This year, 40 students have been selected from 19 different countries.

The students selected will come to CERN for nine weeks over the summer. At the laboratory, they will work with some of the latest hardware and software technologies, and see how advanced ICT solutions are used in high-energy physics. The students will also have the opportunity to attend a series of lectures given by IT experts on advanced CERN-related topics and will take part in visits to various CERN facilities and experiments, as well as other research laboratories and companies.

The selected students for 2019 have already been informed via email.

For those students who were not successful in their application, we strongly encourage you to apply again for next year’s programme (applications will open in December).