CERN openlab publishes 2017 Annual Report

“During its fifth phase, CERN openlab ran 20 R&D projects, related to ICT topics such as data acquisition, networking, storage, cloud computing, code modernisation, and data analytics,” writes Fabiola Gianotti, CERN Director-General, in her introduction to the report. “The insights gained through these investigations are already helping to inform the development work of teams across the laboratory as they prepare for the ICT challenges posed by future planned upgrades to both the LHC and the experiments.”


The report, which features a new design, also covers CERN openlab’s work in relation to education, training, outreach, and knowledge sharing.


Hard copies of the report will be made available following the CERN openlab Collaboration Board, which will take place in the second quarter of 2018. The digital version of the report is now available here: